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what is the vat calculation formula to find the vat from an item that has a total cost of $105 including a vat taxed at a rate of 5 percent the proper calculation is $105 1 05 = $100 to find the value of the item from there the vat can be found by subtraction as in the formula $105 $100 = $5 online vat calculator vat calculator usage simply enter the gross sum choose vat calculation operation include or exclude tax percentage and press calculate or enter button to calculate vat amount by default the online vat calculator rate is set for uk vat calculation how to calculate vat vat formula how to calculate vat is value added tax understanding of vat calculation is very important for any business start ups in india it is somewhat plex because of various level of ing and selling transaction involved on a product there is confusion as how is vat calculated on product or services and who is liable to pay vat how to calculate vat how do i calculate vat there are two formulas that are useful for vat calculations how to add vat to a price to calculate the amount of vat to add to a price we first need to calculate the multiplier currently vat is at therefore 14 divide by = 0 14 0 14 1 = 1 14 the multiplier is 1 14 we can now use this multiplier to calculate vat that should be added to a price calculating vat accounting basics for students so switch things around in the formula and we revenue = vat output revenue = vat output 0 15 revenue = r630 902 10 0 15 = r4 206 014 answer by michael celender calculating vat by anonymous what is the reason for adding the to the actual value of goods when calculating vat rep of south africa vat